Boutique Hotel in Mazeri Mestia

HotelMazeri: One of the best mountain locations ever.

Boutique Hotel in Mazeri Mestia

Truly one of the best mountain locations. Genuine people and warm Svani family hospitality. Located in an area that has ONLY organic food to offer!!!! Meat is locally produced at our family barn just steps away from our Hotel and our house at just next door.


You and your family can enjoy our farm animals, nice short or long walks at the forest, the river, horse back ridding, of road biking, trekking to the Glacier or the huge waterfall, hunting for gold, visiting the famous Svaneti Towers (one is right next to our hotel) that are a must to visit and walk up the stairs, making you feel that you are a part of the history of this Ancient Land.

Food made the same way over the past thousand years. You can enjoy dishes that were first made  way before the word dish did!!!!

Local foods are: fresh milk, cheese and yogurt, eggs,  wild spices, fresh home baked:  bread, Khatshapuri (cheese bread), Tshistvari (cheese corn bread), Kubdari (bread with meat inside), elarji (melted cheese with  corn flour), Shusha (melted cheese with potato puree).